Call for Posters

The EAFT board invites proposals for posters which address the theme and the sub-themes of the Summit:

Theme 1: Unpaid or volunteer terminology (Amateur terminologies. Volunteerism in terminology. Citizen science/crowdsourcing in terminology. Ethics of free/volunteer/amateur solutions. Training/management/motivation of volunteers/amateurs/citizens in professional terminology projects. Training professionals to work successfully with volunteers/amateurs/citizens. Terminology as a public good.)

Theme 2: Crisis terminology (Terminology in crisis situations, defined broadly: disasters, conflicts, mass migrations, health emergencies, financial and political crises … Priorities for terminology in resource-constrained crisis settings. Appropriateness of standard terminological activity in rapidly-changing crisis contexts. Tension between quality and speed/responsiveness. Politics of terminology. Transboundary nature of crisis and need for translation of terminology.)

Theme 3: The challenges of group term work (Consensus and mediation. Group term creation; expert groups. Facilitation. Term acceptance and implantation. Group and gender dynamics for term work.)

Theme 4: Terminology in minoritised or endangered languages (Terminology for language revitalisation/domain gain. Term implantation in minoritised languages. Open-source and citizen science approaches. Critically endangered languages.)

Theme 5: The cost of terminology (The cost of [lack of] good terminology. Supporting terminology work. Adding value. Sharing terminology. Free and inexpensive solutions: open-source and citizen science. Quality control when resources are limited. Return on investment in terminology. The professional identity of terminologists in the context of new work realities.)

Abstracts of 300-500 words, which specifically address one or more of these themes, are invited. Abstracts will be reviewed by the board of EAFT.

Deadline: 15 May 2020. Please send abstracts, in English or in French, along with your name, contact details, and a brief biographical note, to: Posters may be published on the Summit website and there will be an opportunity to submit full papers on the Summit theme for peer review and publication at a later date. There will be time set aside during the Summit for viewing posters.

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